Partial list. Titles and affiliations are for identification purposes only.

Alameda Labor Council

Berkeley Federation of Teachers

Berkeley Firefighters Association (BFFA Local 1277)

Building & Construction Trades of Alameda County (BCTA)

Carpenters Union Local 713

IBEW, Local Union 595

IFPTE, Local 21

Iron Workers Union Local 378

Laborers' Union Local 304

Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3

Plumbers and Steamfitters Union Local 342

Public Employees Union, Local One

Sheet Metal Workers' International Association Local No. 104

Alameda County Democratic Party

Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County

Berkeley Democratic Club

East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club

East Bay Young Democrats

John George Democratic Club

Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club

East Bay Women's Political Alliance (EBWPA)

Evolve California

Robert Reich, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy

Tom Torlakson, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Nancy Skinner, State Senator, District 9

Tony Thurmond, State Assemblymember, District 15

Keith Carson, Alameda County Supervisor, District 5

Julina BonillaTrustee & Past President, Peralta Community College District Board

Nicky Gonzalez Yuen, Trustee, Peralta Community College District Board

Karen Weinstein, Trustee, Peralta Community College District Board

Karen Monroe, Superintendent of Schools, Alameda County Office of Education

Ken Berrick, Trustee, Alameda County Board of Education; Founder & CEO, Seneca Family of Agencies

Joaquin Rivera, Vice President, Alameda County Board of Education; Former Berkeley School Board Director

Jesse Arreguín, Berkeley Mayor

Ann-Marie Hogan, City Auditor, Berkeley

Linda Maio, Berkeley City Council Member, District 1

Ben Bartlett, Berkeley City Council Member District 3

Sophie Hahn, Berkeley City Council Member District 5

Susan Wengraf, Berkeley City Council Member, District 6

Lori DrosteBerkeley City Council Member, District 8

Josh Daniels, President, Berkeley School Board

Ty Alper, Director, Berkeley School Board

Judy Appel, Director, Berkeley School Board

Karen Hemphill, Director, Berkeley School Board

Beatriz Leyva-Cutler, Director, Berkeley School Board

Igor Tregub, Chair, Housing Advisory Commission, Rent Board Commissioner

H. E. Christian Peeples, At-Large Director, Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District

Loni Hancock, Former State Senator, District 9

Dion Aroner, Former State Assemblymember

Sheila Jordan, Alameda County Superintendent of Schools, Emeritus

Tom Bates, Former Berkeley Mayor

Carole Kennerly, Former Berkeley Vice Mayor; Co-Founder/Director, William Byron Rumford South Berkeley Legacy Project

Anna Rabkin, Former Berkeley City Auditor

Laurie Capitelli, Former Berkeley City Council Member, District 5

Darryl Moore, Former Berkeley City Council Member, District 2

Gordon Wozniak, Former Berkeley City Council Member, District 8

Pamela Doolan, Former Berkeley School Board Director

Irene Hegarty, Former Berkeley School Board Director

Shirley Issel, Former Berkeley School Board Director

Steve Lustig, Former Berkeley School Board Director; Retired Vice Chancellor, UCB Health Services

Pedro Noguera, Former Berkeley School Board Director; Distinguished Professor of Education, UCLA Graduate School of Education

Nancy Riddle, Former Berkeley School Board Director

Miriam Rokeach Topel, Former Berkeley School Board Director

Ron Adler, Retired Physician

Vicki Alexander M.D., MPH, Executive Director, Healthy Black Families

Stephanie Allan, BUSD Career Technical Education Advisor; Member Superintendent's Facility Advisory Committee

Rick Ayers, Assoc. Professor, Teacher Education, University of San Francisco; former BHS Teacher

Lela Bachrach, Physician, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland; Berkeley Parent

Stephen Baiter, Executive Director, Oakland Workforce Development Board

Adrienne Bank, Retired

Michael Bank, Retired

Skyler Barton, Counselor, Berkeley City College

Kimberly Beeson, Teacher, Rosa Parks Elementary School

Susannah Bell Fishman, BUSD Special Education Program Manager

Dmitri Belser, Executive Director, Center for Accessible Technology

Thelette Bennett, Retired BUSD School Administrator

Alison Bernstein, Attorney

Judith Bloom, Berkeley School Volunteer, Cragmont Elementary

Peter Bloomsburgh, Teacher, Berkeley High School

Kathy Booth, Berkeley Parent

Dr. Chris Boynton, Executive Director, Pathways to College & Career

Cynthia Brantly Pierce, Berkeley Parent; Former Friends of BAM Board; Former BHS Development Group Board Member

John Brauer, Berkeley Parent; Executive Director Workforce & Education California Labor Federation; Member CA Workforce Development Board

Robert (Bob) Brauer, Retired

Roberta Brooks, Retired; Former District Director, Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Ka'Dijah Brown, Berkeley Public Schools Alum; Middle School Teacher; Former Chair, Berkeley Youth Commission

Rob Browning, Merchants/Importer, Talavera Ceramics

Amy Brueggemeyer, Design Builder, Berkeley Parent

Esteem Brumfield, UC Berkeley Double Major Candidate 2020; Former Peralta College Student Trustee

Elizabeth Brusnahan, Flight Attendant, America Airlines

Lisa Bullwinkel, Event Planner

Winston Burton, Vice President, NAACP - Berkeley Chapter

Mal Burnstein, Retired Attorney

Cathy Campbell, President, Berkeley Federation of Teachers

John Caner, CEO, Downtown Berkeley Association

Lisa Caplan, Director, Creative Solutions

Michael Caplan, Retired Economic Development Director, City of Berkeley

Eileen Carey, Retired Teacher

Lisa Caronna, Retired Deputy City Manager, City of Berkeley

Santiago Casal, Berkeley Parent; Retired

Paul Cerami, Berkeley Parent

Arrietta Chakos, Public Policy Advisor

Karen Chapple, Professor, City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley

boona cheema, Chair, Berkeley/Albany Mental Health Commission

Mark Chekal-Bain, Berkeley Parent; Former Chair of Family Resource Navigators

Rebecca Cheung, Program Director, UC Berkeley Principal Leadership Institute

Cheryl Chinn, Retired BUSD Principal

Ed Church, Executive Director, Institute for Environmental Entrepreneurship; Past President, Rotary Club of Berkeley

Teresa Clark, Program Manager

Ramona Coates, Ph.D., Sociology Instructor, City College of San Francisco

Robert Collier, Berkeley Parent; LeConte PTA Afterschool Enrichment; Analyst, UC Berkeley Labor Center Green Economy Program

Fred Collignon, Professor Emeritus, City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley

Joan Collignon

Zipporah (Zippie) Collins, Retired

Mark Coplan, Retired BUSD Public Information Officer; Former Berkeley PTA Council President

Jen Corn, Former BUSD Principal

Zach Cowan, Retired Berkeley City Attorney

David Coy, Senior Marketing and Communications Associate, REDF

John Cummins, Associate Chancellor Emeritus, UC Berkeley

Nathan Dahl, Berkeley Public Schools Alum

Tom Dalzell, Berkeley Parent; Business Manager IBEW Local 1245; Founder, Quirky Berkeley

Caleb Dardick, Writer

Diane Davenport, President, Berkeley Public Library Board of Trustees; Retired Librarian

Justin Davis, Berkeley Public Schools Alum

Dyana Delfin-Polk, Former Vice Chair, Berkeley Community Environmental Advisory Commission

Linda Della, Berkeley Parent

Pat DeTemple, Consultant

Cisco DeVries, President, Renew Financial

Victoria Doll-Polanco, Teacher SFUSD

Gil Dong, Berkeley Fire Chief (retired)

Carrie Donovan, K-14 Program Manager, UC Berkeley Public Service Center

Brett Downey, Chef, Caffe 817

Elizabeth Echols, Chair, City of Berkeley Children, Youth & Recreation Commission

Jill Ellis, Retired Executive Director Center for Early Intervention on Deafness (CEID)

Karen Engel, Interim Dean of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness, College of Alameda

Jenny Ettinger, OUSD Teacher

Jon Ettinger, BHS Alum; Executive Producer, Beast TV

Fred Fassett, Printing Executive, Minuteman Press

Theodosia Ferguson, Founder and CEO, Healing Living Systems, Inc.

Barry Fike, Teacher, Jefferson Elementary; Past President, Berkeley Federation of Teachers

John Fike, Teacher, Willard Middle School

Molly Fraker, Former Executive Director, Berkeley Public Schools Fund

Renee Francisco, Retired Teacher

Tim Frank, Director, Center for Sustainable Neighborhoods

Sam Frankel, Retired Berkeley Teacher

Jill Friedman, Attorney, National Treasury Employees Union

Mary Friedman, Retired

Stan Friedman, Retired

Angela Gallegos-Castillo, Berkeley Parent; Community Engagement & Leadership Consultant

Angie Garling, Berkeley Parent; Alameda County Early Care & Education Program Administrator

Toni Garrett, Berkeley Parent

Beth Gerstein, Berkeley Parent

Keith Gilless, Professor and Former Dean, UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources

Queen Graham, Retired

Pam Gray, Berkeley Parent

Rhonda Gray, Berkeley Parent

Tim Gray, Berkeley Parent

Sandra Grayson, Professor, Saint Mary's College of California

Debbi Green, Berkeley Parent

Esther Gulli, Executive Director, UC Berkeley Government Affairs

Margie Gurdziel, Retired

Mark Haggitt, Berkeley Parent

Phil Halpern, Teacher, Berkeley High School

Lina Hancock, Consultant

Susan Henderson, Executive Director, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund

Tasha Henneman, Berkeley Parent

Sarah Herman, Principal Designer/Owner, Sarah Herman Landscape Design

Jason Hirshton, CEO/Executive Director, Full Circle Fund; Commissioner, City of Berkeley Children, Youth and Recreation Commission

Susan Hodge, Principal, Emerson Elementary School

Pastor Tony Hughes, St. Paul AME

Mansour Id-Deen, President, Berkeley NAACP and Executive Director, Inter-City Services

Eileen Jacobs, Teacher, BHS

Mary Jacobs, Berkeley Parent; BHS College & Career Center

Carla Javits, President & CEO, REDF

Rev. Angela Jernigan, Founder & Executive Director, The Family Spirit Center

Annie Johnston, Coordinator of Public Programs and Lecturer, College and Career Academy Support Network, Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley

Phil Josselyn, Systems Analyst, New York CISPES

Andre Julien, Childcare Provider

Phil Kamlarz, Retired Berkeley City Manager

Patricia (Patty) Kates, Retired; Berkeley Public Schools Parent

Alison Kelly, Teacher, Rosa Parks Elementary School

Rosina Keren, Berkeley Parent; LCSW, PPSC, School Counselor, Longfellow Middle School; Berkeley Parent

Christie Kiefer, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, UCSF School of Medicine

Tom Killilea, PTA Council Communications Officer; Former PTA Council President

Allen KingFormer BSEP Chair

Mara Kolesas, President, Berkeley PTA Council

Allison Krasnow, BUSD Teacher, Berkeley Parent

Kim Kruckel, Berkeley Parent; Executive Director, Child Care Law Center

Amelia Kurashige-Elliott, Legal Coordinator, Merchants Acceptance Corp.

Jack Kurzweil, Professor (Emeritus) of Electrical Engineering, San Jose State University

Sidhardha Lakireddy, Square One Management, Inc.

Tracy Lam-Hine, REDF, Portfolio Manager

Michele Lawrence, Retired BUSD Superintendent

Ying Lee, Retired

Diane and Robert Leech, Berkeley Parents

Jaimie Levin, Project Manager, Center for Transportation and the Environment

Norman Lewak, Past Member, Berkeley Health Commission

Ruben Lizardo, Director, UC Berkeley Local Government & Community Relations

David Loeb, Retired; Former Publisher/Co-founder, Bay Nature Magazine

Jen Loy, Assistant Director, UC Berkeley Local Government & Community Affairs

Rosa Luevano, BHS Parent; Co-President of BHS Development Group

Marian Mabel, Berkeley Parent; Environmental Policy Consultant

Melissa Male, Coordinator, California Civil Rights Coalition; Board Chair, The Center for Independent Living; Former District Representative, Senator Loni Hancock

Helen Marcus, Commercial Lender, Retired

Bill Marthinsen, Retired Teacher

Emily Marthinsen, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Physical and Environmental Planning, UC Berkeley

Chris Martin, Berkeley Parent

John Martin, Retired; Former Executive Director, Stiles Hall

Mel Martynn, Teacher, Berkeley Adult School

Susi Marzuola, Berkeley Parent; Architect, Member of the Superintendent's Facility Advisory Committee

Deborah Matthews, Former Chair, City of Berkeley Zoning Adjustment Board

Billy McDonald, Retired

Karen McKie, Berkeley Parent; Education Advocate

Jack McLaughlin, Retired BUSD Superintendent

Daniel McMullan, Director, Disabled People Outside Project

Salvador Menjivar, Berkeley Parent; Board President, Self Help Federal Credit Union; Board Treasurer, EcoViva

Matilde Merello, Teacher, Rosa Parks Elementary

Jane Micallef, Berkeley Parent; Former Director City of Berkeley Dept. of Health, Housing & Community Services

Alan Miller, Teacher, Berkeley High School

Carolyn Mims, Local Business Woman and Community Leader

Nils Moe, Managing Director, Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN)

Stephen Murphy, Berkeley Parent; Associate Director, Alameda County Family Justice Center

Poki Namkung, MD, Chair, Sugar Sweetened Beverage Panel of Experts; Former City of Berkeley Public Health Officer

Matt Nichols, Policy Director, Transportation & Infrastructure, Office of the Mayor, City of Oakland

Carole Norris, Consultant at ICF International

Sherry Novick, President, Berkeley Youth Living with Disabilities

Carolyn Novosel, Retired, Children's Director, Alameda County Behavioral Health

Jim Novosel, Bay Architects

meaveen o'connor

Trina Ostrander, Executive Director, Institute for STEM Education, CSU East Bay

Irma Parker, Parent Liaison, Berkeley High School

Jalpa Patel, NorCal Regional Partnerships Manager, REDF

Dustin Patenavde, BUSD Teache

Mary Patterson, Teacher, Longfellow Middle School

James Paxson, General Manager, Hacienda Business Park Owners Association

Maia Payne, Berkeley Public Schools Alum, UC Berkeley Student

Susan Payne, Research Supervisor, Calif. Department of Public Health; Berkeley Parent

Jennifer Peck, Executive Director, Bay Area Partnership for Children and Youth

Maya Peralta, Berkeley Public Schools Alum

D.L. Poole, Chief Operating Officer, LifeLong Medical Care

Carrie PortisConsultant, Work-based Learning and Employer Engagement

Terry Powell, Retired

L. Darlene Pratt, Adjunct Professor, Diablo Valley College

Mimi Pulich, Berkeley Parent

Kate Rennie, Teacher & Career Counselor, BHS

Mark Rhoades, Berkeley Parent; President/CEO, Rhoades Planning Group; Berkeley Chamber of Commerce Board Member

Rena Rickles, Attorney

Eric Riley, Berkeley Parent

Joseph Riley, Berkeley Public Schools Alum

Louise Riley, Retired

Tirzah Riley, Berkeley Public Schools Alum

William Rogers, Executive Director, Goodwill SF, Marin & San Mateo; Former Berkeley Deputy City Manager

Ces Rosales, Nor CA Vice-Chair, California Democratic Party Women’s Caucus

George Rose, Teacher, Willard Middle School

Fred Ross, Organizer, IBEW Local 1245

Isaiah Roter, Retired Attorney; Member BUSD Audit Committee

David Samuels, CFO, REDF; Berkeley Parent

Heber Santos, IA/TA, BHS

Heather Sarantis, Berkeley Parent and PTA Member

William (Bill) Savidge, Consultant, K12 School Facilities

Holly Scheider, Berkeley Parent; Commissioner, Sugar Sweetened Beverage Panel of Experts; Public Health Advocate

Candice Schott, Retired

Maxim Schrogin, Berkeley Rotary Club

Margo Schueler, Retired

Locke Schultz Jaeger, Berkeley Parent

Kelley Schwartz, PE Teacher, Willard Middle School

Carol Seuferer, Retired Teacher

Pamm Shaw, Vice President, Early Childhood Impact, YMCA of the East Bay

Robert Shireman, Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation; Commissioner, Children, Youth & Recreation Commission

Bruce Simon, Berkeley Parent; Co-Chair BSEP Planning & Oversight Committee; Associate Director, Institute for STEM Education, CSU East Bay

Wyn Skeels, BUSD Career Technical Education Program Supervisor

Katie Gladstein Skjerping, Program Manager, San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development

Lars Skjerping, Aide to Councilmember Linda Maio

Bobbi Sloan, Berkeley Parent, Graphic Designer

Michael Smart, Former CEO, Alameda County Medical Center

Rev. Mike Smith

Neil Smith, Educational Leadership Consultant; Retired BUSD Administrator

Sherry Smith, Retired Lawyer

Lamont Snaer, Senior Programs & Planning Specialist

Brian Solomon, Berkeley Parent, Advocate for Healthy Food Access

David Sprague, Berkeley Public Schools Alum

Clifford Stanley, Lecturer, UC Berkeley School of Law

Iris Starr, Berkeley Parent

John Steere, Environmental Planner

Phoebe Tanner, Retired Berkeley Teacher

Kinchasa Taylor, Commissioner, Children, Youth & Recreation Commission; Environmental Consultant

Monica Thyberg, Retired, Manager, BUSD Berkeley Schools Excellence Program

Jane Tierney, Past President, Thousand Oaks Neighborhood Association (TONA)

Randy Tillery, Berkeley Parent; Consultant, Adult Education

Rowena Tomaneng, Ed.D, President, Berkeley City College

Catherine Trimbur, Attorney

Beebo Turman, Retired School Gardener/Recycling Coordinator

Francesca Verdier, Retired

Jeff Vincent, Director, Public Infrastructure Initiatives, UC Berkeley Center for Cities & Schools

Terri Waller, College & Career Employer Partnership Coordinator, West Contra Costa Unified School District; Former District Director, Senator Loni Hancock

Mal Warwick, Retired

Charlene Washington, Former Aide to Council Member Max Anderson

Eric Weaver, Berkeley Parent; Member of the Superintendent's Facility Advisory Committee, Attorney

Jeni Wendel, BUSD Teacher

Jenny Wenk, Chair, Berkeley Personnel Board

Rebecca Wheat, Retired

David White, Retired, Detective Sergeant, Youth Services Bureau, Berkeley Police Department

Rev. Leslie White, Former Pastor, St. Paul AME

Kevin Williams, Associate Director, Berkeley Youth Alternatives

Glenn Wolkenfeld, Teacher, Science Dept. Chair, Berkeley High School

Ranko Yamada, Paralegal, Berkeley Parent

Carol Zabin, Berkeley Parent; Director, Green Economy Program UC Berkeley Labor Center; Member Exec Council of the CA Workforce Development Board

Michael Zielinski, Organizer, United Steel Workers